Bunz WebDesign SEO Macon, Atlanta Ga

Understanding the Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science behind web pages showing up when keywords are typed in search engines like Google. Thousands of web pages show up when you type, “Used cars” for example. If you sell used cars, the wish is that your website or one of your web pages to show among the first 5 results. Since there are lots of used car websites out there, the ones that show up on the first result page are the sites that have healthy optimization. As you may imagine the factors that contribute to an SEO friendly website are numerous. The most important ones are Onsite SEO, Keywords, Local Listing, and Link Building. Your website can also be configured with Google Ads to allow your website show up for key phrases. Whenever a user clicks on your link, a minimal fee is charged. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC). At Bunz WebDesign, we provide great SEO services including setting up PPC campaigns.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO includes all the SEO best practices when a website is being developed. For example, site keywords should be included in the H tags- headings as well as title tags. A developer may try to trick the search engine by having long sentences as headings. Because of this, it’s also an SEO best practice to keep your heading succinct to avoid SEO penalty. Another best SEO practice to keeping your site load time at the minimum. Bunz WebDesign will develop your site following all search engines best practices.

Rich content

One of the major factors for a high ranked page is rich content. The more relevant content a page or website has, the better. Since Google tend to provide results that are relevant to the searcher, we strategically include the most searched keywords by your target audience in your site content. Another smart way to increase your content volume and eventually high SEO rankings is by having a blog where you or a blogger regularly publish articles that are appealing to your target audience. A well-written blog will contribute to a high traffic, which will boost your site’s ranking in return. For more information on this SEO factor, read blab la on search engine land.

Local Listings

Having your company listed in local directories like Yelp as well as Google business will increase the visibility of your website or business; especially in your local territory. It is important that your company information like name, address, contact, URL, etc. are consistent throughout the various directories. Bunz WebDesign will list your company information, including your site’s address on all the major Listings depending on your SEO package. However, all the sites we develop are submitted to Google local listing.

Link Building

This is the most important and challenging SEO factor because it is based on the quality of inbound links your site have.  Inbound links are the results of reputable websites linking to your website. The reasoning behind this factor is trust and popularity. Compared to the real world, the more reputable institutions or individuals refer customers to your company, the more popularity and trust your company gains. Therefore, this is one of the few things an SEO expert cannot solely provide for a client. The clients play a major part by offering dependable services or products; this way, inbound links will occur automatically. There other creative ways of creating inbound links. For example, creating and maintaining social media pages for your company is a great way to increase popularity. Bunz WebDesign applies creative and safe ways to help build your website’s inbound links.

Earning high SEO ranking among your competitors is not a piece of cake but we at Bunz WebDesign are prepared to help you work your way to the top. Because improving SEO is a process, we provide our clients with a monthly report containing the number of site viewers, new users, the rankings for specific keywords, etc. On the other hand, it is advisable that you let us sign you up for Google Ads which will show your page at the top whenever potential customers use phrases relating to your product or services.